The Importance of Board Books

A well written article by the No. 1 Librarian about the importance of board books. Definitely worth checking out!

Board books are given to our children at their most sponge-like time. They are learning EVERYTHING.

Source: The Importance of Board Books


Read, speak, sing to your baby

“Read, speak, sing to your baby: How parents can promote literacy from birth.”
A wonderful page about ways you can encourage literacy in your child from a young age.
Reward your baby’s first tries at making sounds with smiles and hugs. This early communication is exciting for your baby, and your approval will encourage him to keep trying.
Check out the page here.

Providence Talks

Providence Talks is a great organization based in Rhode Island. The voluntary program gives low-income families “word pedometers” that count the number of words spoken to their children under four. The organization uses this information to work with families to increase the word count.


Early results demonstrate that simple access to information can be powerful. In one pilot study, caretakers presented with data on their child’s vocabulary development increased their adult daily word count by 55% on average.

Check them out at their website here.


Closing the Knowledge Gap

Here is a great New York Times article regarding the knowledge gap and the importance of talking to children before they can respond.

Trying to Close a Knowledge Gap, Word by Word

“’We don’t want parents talking at babies,’ Ms. Lerner said. ‘We want parents talking with babies.'”



Important Literacy Terms

Teach Mamma (her blog is here) has a great post on the most important literacy terms. The list includes words like comprehension, high frequency words, decoding, and phonological awareness. It’s definitely worth checking out!

The blog post is here.  There is also a simplified PDF that includes all the words and their definitions The PDF can be found here.