Important Literacy Terms

Teach Mamma (her blog is here) has a great post on the most important literacy terms. The list includes words like comprehension, high frequency words, decoding, and phonological awareness. It’s definitely worth checking out!

The blog post is here.  There is also a simplified PDF that includes all the words and their definitions The PDF can be found here.


Ways to Help Children Read

This PDF, by For The Teachers (found here), has eleven great ways parents (or anyone, really) can help children learn to read.

Parent_Help_Early_Reading copyThe link can be found here.



Making Reading Meaningful

Project Enlightenment (found here) has partnered with the Wake County Public School System to created a great set of activities to make reading (and writing) meaningful for preschoolers.  These activities include cooking with children and letting them follow the recipe to “providing print materials such as menus, tickets, maps, and catalogues for children to use in pretend play.”

The activities can be found here.




Books About Reading to Children

The Library of Michigan has created a great PDF document of books about how to effectively read to children.

Here is a small sampling of the books recomended:

Raising A Reader by Jennie Nash.







The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller



Much More Than The ABCs by Judith Schickedanz










The Michigan PDF can be found here.